jacwhiteHello, welcome to my simple and small blog. This blog is primarily dedicated to visual novel reviews with a bit more focus on Fata Morgana no Yakata and its related contents.

I’m most charmed by the Girl with White Hair in Fata Morgana no Yakata, she is one of the sole reasons I stuck around with the series.

Speaking of visual novels, I tend to prefer psychological and dark VNs, however, any VN with a well-written and compelling story will do. I don’t mind if certain VNs have shoddy and strange art as I find it somewhat charming and unique. I’m more drawn into the story and its development rather than the artwork itself, but great artwork is a treat as they are “visual” novels.

Stick around if you like what you see.


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  1. Hi! I just finished up Fata Morgana and finally got over crying my eyes out for hours on end xD. Er, this might seem like an incredibly…um, shallow question after finishing such a breath-taking work, but do you believe that Morgana, to some degree, reciprocated Jacopo’s feelings? And at the end of the game, in their next life (modern times), was that brief meeting to be the end of their interaction (basically implying it was a “hi and bye” type of deal)? Sorry for dumping so much here, thank you for reading in the first place!


    • Hi there! I’m so sorry for the late response!
      I’m glad you enjoyed Fata Morgana as much as I did! As for your question, Morgana did slightly reciprocate Jacopo’s feelings although it’s more pronounced in the fandisk, Another Episode. I believe the original game focused more on Michel, and somewhat brushed the other characters aside in the end. As for the next life end, I don’t think it’s a “hi and bye” situation, to me it’s more “hi again, let’s relive.” Personally, that brief meeting did leave me a bit empty-handed, yet it was a nice simple summary to the game. Once again, there’s actually more to this end in Another Episode though. So if you played the English version, do check out the fandisk whenever it comes out, for it’ll answer these questions, and possibly others you may have; it’ll get you bawling again too. Also, if you want to see more (and I mean, a lot more) of Morgana and Jacopo’s interactions with each other, the fandisk is definitely the game to play.

      And hey, feel free to comment anytime, and thanks for checking out my blog!


    • Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my blog, I am flattered you regard my blog as well done.
      I’m grateful for the generous invitation to your Fata Morgana discord, however I don’t use discord and I believe I won’t use it too much. Nevertheless, I appreciate your asking. Thank you for the honor and I hope you continue coming by!


    • Hello, and yes I am an English native speaker, sorry if you thought otherwise. Aw thanks mate, I never thought my writing left that kind of impression before. Yours is quite natural and polite too.


  2. Nice to meet you and best wishes for the blog! I thought you were actually from another country because I had seen an Italian newspaper (I am Italian) in one of your photos ahahaha I’m also pretty happy that other people enjoyed Requiem as I did, it was a fine addition to the main title coming at a good price, although the OSTs were a little bit superficial!


    • Nice to meet you too and thanks for the well wishes. Ah that newspaper, I used it because I thought it’d fit the setting, didn’t know someone actually spotted that haha. Requiem for the innocence was good, as for the music, I can only enjoy parts of it, yet I am glad they incorporated new music into the game rather than reuse old ones. Overall, still a good game to me.


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