Fata Morgana no Yakata Art book, THE ART -あなたに捧ぐ回想録-


THE ART -あなたに捧ぐ回想録-

After all these years, Novectacle finally released an art book of Fata Morgana no Yakata!

Moyataro is the main illustrator, with a few pages of artwork from the other illustrators including Kanemune. There are a total of 63 pages of art, and an extra page as a reference of where the image derived from. There are 4 CGs from the games, while the rest are promotional art including the game covers, art from the wall scroll, novel cover, frontispiece, and illustrations, soundtrack cover, short stories, jewelry, twitter images, and others.

The art book can be on the thin side and mainly consist of promotional art. It’d be great if they included more illustrations for more bang for the buck. There are two new illustrations, the front cover of the art book and art with two pages thanking Neira Norte for translating the game in Russian, Огромное спасибо Neira Norte. (That’s some pretty хорошо news)

I’d like to note that the pictures I took does not give the art book justice as the actual book has high quality pages with much more vibrant colors.

I’m going to just dump some images here. Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Fata Morgana no Yakata Art book, THE ART -あなたに捧ぐ回想録-

  1. Eeeeeh? I thought there would be more CGs… such a shame… if you want to make a memento you probably should use art that already resonated with readers through story… Anyway, thank you for the spoiler free review, I’m still waiting for my own artbook.


    • I also thought there would be more too, it would definitely thicken the book up.

      One of the CGs isn’t really used in the story, its an ending illustration drawn by Moyataro for the Collected Edition which I’m grateful for as he wasn’t the illustrator for the Vita port’s Reincarnation story.

      Thanks for coming and checking it out!


  2. Just got my copy today and ahhh I’m in love ♡ The quality of the book and pages is excellent. Like everyone else, I still wish they included more pages (as well as the CGs from the main game, fandisk and vita version… well *at least* the main game;;) But other than that gripe of mine, I think it’s beautiful and I’m glad that they made it 🙂


    • Indeed, although the art book did not meet my expectations regarding the amount of CGs I presumed it would contain, it’s still very neat to have. I, too, am very glad Novectacle and Moyataro finally released an art book—been waiting 5 years for this to finally happen, haha. I’m still content with the art book and I look forward to more art from Moyataro.

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