[News] Novectacle’s new title, NarKarma EngineA (Updated)

main image narkarmaThis very brief post will detail Novectacle’s new game, NarKarma EngineA.
(And an updated tidbit of news near the bottom of the post)


narkarmaNovectacle announced a new game in Sekai Project’s panel at Anime Expo?!

Novectacle is finally going to release an entirely new game, this time with the help of Sekai Project, not only that, it will be more of a TRPG type of game.

This is the synopsis Sekai Project gave for NarKarma:

“Upon the distant surface dwells a race of humanoid beasts, in an adventure where you become both the hero and the final villain.
From the creator of the highly acclaimed House of Fata Morgana, comes a new breed of RPG.

Deep beneath the crust dwells a race of humanoid machines and in the strata dividing them, dreams of the dead conjure up phantoms of eras long lost to time. Traversing these forgotten realms, beast and machine cross paths, bringing upon both the threat of extinction. But only one will make it through alive.

NarKarma EngineA takes the player into a world of beasts and mechanical mystery, fusing tabletop role playing gaming with the suspense and intrigue of Keika Hanada’s script and the striking illustrations of artist Kanemune. With multiple routes to explore and several characters to develop, NarKarma EngineA is surely a game you don’t want to miss!”

Based on the summary, it kind of fits into the science fiction genre, which Novectacle slightly played around with in Mujou no Erasmus and as for the RPG factor, the characters were sucked into an RPG world in Seventh Coat; both short side games were just visual novels though and didn’t expand any further. Seeing the word ‘beast’ and ‘humanoid’ together gives me vibes from Philip K. Dick’s novel, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?,” however this game may be nothing remotely similar to the novel.

Since Novectacle was originally formed through a TRPG site, they are finally able to make the TRPG/RPG game they’ve wanted for a while now. I kind of expected them to make a RPG type of a game, yet I also anticipated for a game that’s solely just a visual novel. All I can say is, I will have to see how this game goes before I can say anymore, and even then, there’s not much news about this newly released title. I do hope for some action-packed, interesting, and captivating battles.

Sadly, Moyataro is not the illustrator for NarKarma, but instead, bestowed to us is an illustrator who is not unfamiliar with the Fata Morgana series, Kanemune, who also does the art for Fata Morgana no Yakata’s comic. Of course I will miss Moyataro’s art, nevertheless, I will also look forward to Kanemune’s art outside of the comics and guest drawings drawn for Fata Morgana. There are a few images shown of the characters in NarKarma, which gives me slight reminiscence of the Zero Escape games. I feel the art can definitely improve and are probably just rough illustrations, for the art Kanemune did in other media were eloquent and alluring, so I’m sure this game just needs time. Also, the artwork is an original style rather than imitating that of Moyataro’s for the comic.

A guest illustration drawn by Kanemune for Fata Morgana no Yakata in “The Book”

That’s all I have for NarKarma EngineA. What caught me by surprise was that I didn’t expect Hanada Keika to release a game in Sekai Project’s panel, thought it’d be leaning toward MangaGamer.

Also, I believe Novectacle is still on the lookout for possible localization companies for the Reincarnation chapter in the Vita port. Many people greatly desire Aksys Games to localize the Vita port, yet it doesn’t seem likely, even if they’d like to.


Regarding Anime Expo, Fata Morgana no Yakata soundtrack and wall scrolls sold out fast (except for Jacopo, the poor guy took some days to sell out), and somewhat unrelated, Fault’s fine piece of acrylic figure/stand was very popular and also sold out surprisingly fast. Glad these two titles are getting the love they deserve.fault


AND NOW, just a tidbit of news, with a brief impression of the updates on NarKarma EngineA

Novectacle has released a NarKarma EngineA website (Japanese or English) and an updated teaser trailer revealing more info on the game.

AKARU, android infused with a soul of an Ancient
YATONO, the leader of the beasts’ underground expedition

The new promotional art is quite beautiful and chromatic, a great improvement compared to the first image provided when NarKarma was first announced. Regarding the music, Gao does it again with her stunning velvety voice combined in a poppy, tech, chiptune-like composition by Yusuke Tsutsumi.

Based on what the site and trailer consistently convey, it seems like the main theme/plot is how the protagonist is also the last boss within a TRPG-like RPG. Really have no clue how they’re going to go about that. The game is undeniably sci-fi themed, probably with a hint of fantasy, and the appearance of the environment looks like a futuristic dystopia in a once populated city, which I’m a great fan of (I fucking love sci-fi and dystopias, so seeing it combined is very appealing). Still, NarKarma sounds interesting, and I’m real curious how Novectacle will execute this.



8 thoughts on “[News] Novectacle’s new title, NarKarma EngineA (Updated)

    • Hey there! I believe Michel’s scroll, along with the other ones beside Jacopo, was already sold out in the first and/or early second day; gotta act fast for those. The other possible option is to buy from Novectacle’s online shop, however, would need a proxy for that if one does not live in Japan.
      I’m curious how NarKarma will play out after Fata Morgana, so I’m pretty pumped for it too.

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      • Hm, that’s a good question.
        I’m sure there’s several visual novels floating about in my head, but the ones that comes out immediately are a bit on the serious side with lots of fighting: Soukou Akki Muramasa, and Dies Irae. I’ll try to keep it short.

        So far, Muramasa is my favorite visual novel, set in older Japan with a touch of future with robots. The story in Muramasa had this gut feeling as if something phenomenal was going to happen, taking advantage of its lengthy gameplay for numerous hours of story building and character development before it finally introduces the main climax. But yeah, the downside is that the game can be slow and boring to a few because of its lengthy technical dialogues and fights. The characters in Muramasa are diverse, likable, corrupt, and very, very amusing to watch as the game continues. The main character, Minato Kageaki, is my favorite character (Muramasa best girl) because he is not your typical main visual novel protagonist—he looks emotionless, masculine and hostile yet very formal and polite, too polite. His characteristics are contrasts of what people think of him, however, that makes him more mysterious, interesting, and well, charming. I don’t know about others, but seeing him in action throughout the game made the game for me, and yes, the story is magnificent, lively, and pretty comedic in some parts.

        I believe Dies Irae is the first game that got me interested in visual novels. Dies Irae is also lengthy with pretentious writing everywhere and long, but godly and epic fights; every time I heard the electric guitar in a fight scene, I knew shit was going down. Some characters dialogue are very eloquent and symbolic, like a poem, and the writing is very chuu-ni but still enjoyable, the game just sucks you into the action immediately. A way to keep players engaged is after a chapter passes, it doesn’t just say ‘Chapter End’ or something like that, the sequence in between somewhat resembles a character selection screen in a fighting game (in Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen Hachimyoujin, as a little easter egg, one of the characters were playing a fighting game with Reinhard vs Spinne). That’s what kept me into it, after every chapter it felt like an action-packed cliffhanger that’s ready to rumble. (Ok that probably doesn’t make any sense at all.) Haha, i don’t know if anything I wrote was very uh helpful, but I hope you got the gist of it. Oh and Dies Irae kinda recently got funded on Kickstarter and is now released on Steam if anybody’s looking to play it.

        Other games I enjoyed that are story-focused and not really visual novels are Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, To The Moon, Life is Strange, and Shadow of the Colossus (a game short on text but big on story). I’m sure there’s a bunch of other great games out there that I didn’t mention, yet these are the ones I can think of for now.

        Do you have any recommendations of games you like?

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      • Wow thank you SO much, exxiel!! I’d never heard of Muramasa and I watched a whole bunch of trailers and looked at reviews for it and I’m really tempted to get it! I love how you said the MC isn’t the stock protagonist we get and is really unique.

        And oooooo I remember Dies Irae blowing up all over twitter but I was too poor atm to fund it. I’m glad it’s available and that you rec it because I’m def getting it no matter what! xD On Steam I saw a negative review raging how the game was a navi-sympathizer rofl. The epic guitar riffs def got me interested in the game lol.

        Thanks for the other suggestions. I just need to play the Last Escape series and I’m done xD

        Hm, I’d rec The World Ends With You for Ds. It’s a short game but the story is absolutely amazing. If you haven’t played the Trails in The Sky FC I can’t recommend it enough. This, along with Fata, are the two games I rec all the time to everyone. I’m planning on replaying it again since the first time I played it 4 years ago and reviewing it soon. It’s an rpg but again has a huge emphasis on story. Radiant Historia is in the same boat.

        If you have a vita, Sweet Clown and Black Wolves Saga are really great dark otoge. The latter is really dark and filled with political intrigue and torture.


      • Yeah, the protagonist for Muramasa looks kind of like the Producer in Idol Master Cinderella Girls if that helps you imagine what type of person he is, except Kageaki is more badass.

        Interesting, I’ve played The World Ends With You a long, very long, time ago and I don’t think I’ve finished it unfortunately, though I can’t really remember much about it since its been years. Also for years, I’ve heard about Radiant Historia and the positive reviews it received, yet I still haven’t picked up the game after this long. Maybe one day I’ll take the step forward to play it.

        Haha, I played through Sweet Clown on a whim and wrote a review on it. I thought it’s alright for an otome game, I still believe it could’ve been better but it got the job done. Ah, I’ve heard of Black Wolves Saga and looking at the trailer, I’ll assume there’s lots of brutality and yes, torture. Still seems interesting to know what led to all the torture, so that definitely piqued my curiosity.

        Thanks for coming by, and of course, thanks for all of the recommendations!

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      • Haha no way, he’s that kind of MC?

        I think it’s time you returned to TWEWY 😉 And haha yea Radiant Historia is really good! It’s getting a “remake” in 2018 for the 3ds, but it seems to be they’re only stylizing the sprites and adding voices. The rest seems to be the same.

        Oh really? I’ll have to look at your review for Sweet Clown then. I remember thinking it was a good game but wished it took more advantage of certain things but oh well lol. BWS is really dark. I’ve played half of it already and it definitely lives up to its name. The romance is actually really downplayed for once and is more focused on political struggles and the psychological problems of the cast. It can be pretty bleak because of that.

        Not at all and thank you as well!


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