[News] Fata Morgana no Yakata -Collected Edition- Playstation Vita port and 2nd character ranking poll mini game

main-2Ladies and gentlemen, I am late to the party and I apologize for the wait.

This brief post will detail the announcement of the Playstation Vita port of Fata Morgana no Yakata and a bit of my impression in regards to the second character ranking poll mini game. 

But before we begin with the big news, let’s first start with the long awaited mini game that slightly hinted the Vita port.

The second character ranking poll was created a year ago (wow, it’s been a year already) and Novectacle finally released the mini game briefing the results! The mini game is short and simple with, once again, Michel, Morgana, and Jacopo as the main characters reviewing the character rankings and comments. The three talked of all the things that happened in a year after the fandisc, first being the localization of the main game in the West, and second being the Nintendo 3DS port. The characters’ conversations are silly, sometimes heartwarming, and Morgana and Jacopo bickers with each other as usual. Surprisingly, one of the comments I wrote during the poll is used in a humorous scene, but I digress. The mini game ended unexpectedly after random chitchat and jokes, which left me a tad disappointed. After pages of fan comments, the mini game finally revealed an end card image of the top three favorites in modern day clothes drawn by the manga artist for the comic version of Fata Morgana.

This image basically sums up what happened throughout the mini game. And is that Morgana in a school uniform? Please let there be more.

The biggest surprise in the mini game was a line after the end card that wrote, “Major announcement for Fata Morgana soon?!” which now leads us to the Playstation Vita port.


The Vita port was announced during Tokyo Game Show on September 15, 2016 and is planned to be released on March 16, 2017 by HuneX under its dramatic create brand. It’s been 4 years since the main game was released back in 2012 and is available in many media for all to enjoy ranging from PC to phone, and now to gaming consoles. There’s even a new website with a new opening movie specifically made for the Vita port, also with a new bgm (Reencarnação, a darker version of Cicio) sung by Gao, arranged by Yusuke Tsutsumi.

So, what’s so special about the Vita port of Fata Morgana?

Fata Morgana no Yakata -Collected Edition- includes both the main game and the fandisc, -Another Episodes-; basically two games in one. The Collected Edition also includes a new story set in modern day along with new music, new character sprites accompanied with voice acting. That’s right, voice acting from the same cast that voiced in the Fata Morgana drama CDs. Unfortunately for those who expect voice acting in the entire game, don’t get your hopes up as the Collected Edition website noted in the product page that voice acting will only be used in the main new modern episode.

I’m still not sure what to think of voice acting in this game since the previous ones did fine without it. I do welcome voices, nevertheless, I have to see how they integrate it into the game before I make any judgement. Best case scenario, dramatic create offers an option to turn off voice acting for those who prefer to play the new modern episode in Fata Morgana’s original style—silent, however, if dramatic create made no such option available, it will probably evoke backlash. To be honest, it would suck if it were only partially voiced rather than fully voiced. On another note, I really do hope the effort from the cast is at least similar if not better in the port as they were in the drama CDs since their voices were intense and eloquent. Thankfully the voice actors/actresses are top-tier. Speaking of voice actress, Mamiko Noto (the voice for the Girl with White Hair) better be present in the new modern episode. I mean, how could she not? …Unless they deliberately had to because of several reasons, but still, how could she not?!

The original staff are back for the Vita port, so as you may expect, the music composers are still the same. I look forward to more newly added songs, especially the ones with vocals. As for the art in the modern episode, it looks drastically different.

Despite no mention of any other illustrator beside Moyataro, the new artwork is certainly not his usual style. From a previous post, Moyataro’s health is not in the best condition and he is currently trying to recover, which explains why the new sprites are different, most likely drawn by a new illustrator.  Although the new art baffled me at first, it was expected as the port needs new content for the game to sell, because really, who would buy the same game on a gaming console that is more than likely overpriced compared to its predecessor. Anyway, the newly drawn sprites don’t produce the same feeling, the same atmosphere as the old art did; it basically looks cartoonish. I am still saddened by the news of Moyataro’s health and I hope to see new art from him, especially in the port even if it’s a tiny amount; even a doodle would alleviate me. All I have to say is,

Please get better, Moyataro! 

Overall, my impression of the new sprite is somewhat mixed as I neither dislike it nor favor it. Here’s hoping the CGs are at least decent. Also, does this mean the Bollinger family will finally receive their long awaited full-body colored sprites?

Another new mode in the Vita port is the inclusion of short stories (SS) from Novectacle’s website and past stories published in magazines accompanied with music and backgrounds. This is a very nice addition and will definitely enhance the reading experience. As it only states the SS in the main website and magazines, I’m not too sure if this mode will include exclusive published SS like that in the guide, the ones sold in comiket, and drama CDs.

Lastly, onto the technical aspect of the Vita port. The port will take advantage of the Vita’s touchscreen, combined with an option to save voice clips and scenes. This comes in handy as many games do not have this option, yet I hope the technical side in the port will be similar to the main game since it was very simple and user friendly.

Overall, how should I say it… I am somewhat pleased with this announcement as I have wanted a Playstation Vita version of the game and never thought it would actually happen. Not only that, it’s a Collected Edition with everything, along with some few new additions. Although news of the Vita port may seem joyous for some, it may spark outrage for 3DS consumers since the 3DS version was just recently released and limited with only the original main game and the newly added Maid sprite rather than the whole shebang. The Vita port is a response to fans, but I can’t help but feel like Novectacle is straying away from doujin games and becoming more commercialized (or they’re milking it just because they can). Of course, every doujin company wishes to become big after growth and certainly this is the effect of expanding, but are they progressing? They could be, or they could be trying to adapt and appeal to a larger market.

Why am I even writing this, I’ll most likely get the Vita port anyway. Like I always say, maybe it’ll fund their new game in the far, far future.

I agree, Giselle. I agree.

Here’s hoping the new modern episode is not all comedy and is somewhat serious, and I’m prepared for a bit more tragedy.

And that’s all for Fata Morgana news! I do believe there will be more news as we approach the release of the game in 2017. So far, several magazine articles only gave what we already knew, so it’ll take some time before we get to the good stuff. I definitely am curious of what’s to come for the Vita port and what lies ahead in the future.


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