[News] Fata Morgana no Yakata Character Ranking Poll, some interviews, magazine article, and SS


This post is some upcoming news on Fata Morgana no Yakata.

First off, I would like to congratulate Another Episode on winning doujin game of the year! Great game, great FD, it deserves the title.

Also, congratulations to Jacopo for winning the second character ranking poll! Top five are Jacopo, Michel, Morgana, Giselle, and the Girl with White Hair, respectively.

In the mini game of the first character ranking poll, Jacopo was disappointed because Michel and Morgana were the top two and shared a cover of the soundtrack together. Jacopo said he’ll definitely beat Michel and share a jacket cover with Morgana. He did beat Michel this time, but he’s not in the cover of the soundtrack. That’s probably for the best, because if it followed suit with the first soundtrack, the cover would be Jacopo and Michel instead. (And nevermind. In February of 2016, it is revealed Jacopo shares a cover with Morgana as shown below)

  • This time, Maria is in the top 10, ranking 10th place. Glad she made it because she’s a great character in Another Episode. She’s an ally and friend of Jacopo’s and I wouldn’t mind seeing more scenes with her. Better yet, I would gladly welcome a short story focused mainly on Maria.
  • Similar to Maria, Imeon is a good friend of Michel’s and is rank 9 even though he’s only in the short chapter, Assento dele of Another Episode. Imeon was shown in a good light and he is a very likable character. Even in dark times, he laughs things off and jokes around, making him a fun character in the series. Imeon was one of the first prototype characters and made several “appearances” in other games and media. He was also originally planned to be one of the main characters in the original game, but that plan was scrapped.
  • Odilon almost made it to the top 10, ranking 11th place. He probably only had up to 20-30 minutes of screen time in Another Episode, but he became an amiable character in such a short time. I’m glad people voted for him, even though he’s an old man.
  • What surprised me is Didier ranked 8th place. He had a short scene and a few lines in “The Painting’s Soliloquy” of Another Episode. He was mainly in the original game and barely had any exposure beside that, so I have no clue how he ranked in the top 10. I thought George was going to be in the top 10 again, but I guess Didier out beat him.

I look forward to the new mini game based on this poll. The previous one took a month to come out, so I expect the same for this.

capture_014_16102015_005130Playism interviewed Hanada Keika (the writer for Fata Morgana) and Moyataro (the illustrator). Here’s a quick and short summary of both interviews:

Novectacle was originally formed through a TRPG site called “Play by web” and gathered members there, which included Hanada Keika as the writer, Moyataro as the illustrator, Mellok’n as the music composer, and Gao as the singer.

Hanada Keika was first introduced to script writing when working on a friend’s movie in middle and high school. Hanada then attended college, studied abroad in Italy, came back to Japan and eventually dropped out of school. Having a hard time finding a job since Hanada had no job experience and was not a recent graduate, Hanada began to lose hope in the future. Soon, Hanada decided to become a writer and began writing stories on the web and working part time, even making an own personal website (I’m getting Seventh Coat vibes).

Eventually, Hanada worked at an online game company. It was Hanada’s first time working in a full-fledged job and even though the job was rough, Hanada didn’t want to give up. Hanada ended up working alone on many projects and found the job harsh after working there for around a year and a half. Having no hope or future in the company, Hanada began to seek some friends from a TRPG site, which led to the creation of Novectacle. Hanada really enjoys visual novels and decided to make a visual novel as their first project. Wanting a Western type of fantasy novel, Hanada chose Moyataro as the illustrator. In order to change themselves, Hanada and Moyataro had to put their upmost effort to complete Fata Morgana no Yakata.

As a kid, Moyataro’s dream was to be a manga artist and continued drawing because of that goal. After graduating high school, he hunted for jobs and worked at a simple part time job not related to the field. He thought of working hard to become a pro in the field, but didn’t, and began to lose self-confidence. He was an administrator of a TRPG site for a while, and that’s when Hanada sought him out.

Contrary to Hanada who worked diligently and seriously on the project, Moyataro was half serious and half fooling around. They took two years to bring out the trial version of Fata Morgana no Yakata. After the release of the trial version, he thought if the relationship with the group were bad, they would disband. He was thinking of working at a regular company unrelated to his field, but the thought of leaving the group would render them helpless. That’s when he became serious and put all his effort into Fata Morgana. He also needed that chance to make Fata Morgana into something greater.

Moyataro had never played any visual novels, doujin games, and never attended Comiket. It was Hanada who introduced him to doujin games and supplied him with related materials. He had no clue how to draw artwork in this type of game and Hanada had to guide him through. When Fata Morgana was nominated doujin game of the year, he was surprised and believes he still has some ways to go with his artwork. He’s thankful for the release of Fata Morgana no Yakata and because of unforeseen expansions, he is able to work his way up through this series.

When asked what will Novectacle’s future work be, Hanada Keika said that before Fata Morgana, they were thinking of working on a dark fantasy SRPG game. They may eventually go back to that project, but we’ll see.

fatamorcoolb1-2015Got the latest Cool-B issue of January that came out a few days ago with some Fata Morgana news. I’m not really interested in the magazine content beside Fata Morgana, so I’m kind of disappointed it only has 3 pages, but it’s better than nothing. The article introduces Another Episode and reveals the release date and cover artwork of Another Episode soundtrack. The soundtrack will release in this year’s winter Comiket 89. I would love to see more art with a smiling Morgana than a crying one.

(Update: Looks like there’s some complications with their scheduling, so Novectacle is hoping to release the soundtrack in late February of 2016 instead.)
(Update2: As edited above, Jacopo does share a cover with Morgana. Although Another Episodes is more comedic, the soundtrack cover retains Fata Morgana’s tragic and dark atmosphere.) another episodeFata Morgana no Yakata’s comic is now in the third door arc where Jacopo makes his appearance. We don’t see him smoking much in the game beside the text depicting him smoking. So as expected of the comic, it illustrates him full blown smoking with a cool style.

Hanada Keika and Moyataro have worked together on a Fata Morgana no Yakata light novel. Volume 1-4 are already released, and the last volume, 5, is planned to release on January 15, 2016. I’m currently slowly reading through all 4 volumes, which shows more first person views rather than third person in the game. There are a few changes in the novel, but so far, the story stays true to the game.

Not related to the Fata Morgana series, Hanada Keika collaborated with illustrator Kazuki Yone on an original novel called “モーテ 水葬の少女” or “Morte: The Girl Is Under The Water.” I was surprised when Morte was announced, because I thought Moyataro was going to be the illustrator since he usually works together with Hanada, but the novel probably need a more popular illustrator to reach out to more people. Each volume has a different sub title after Morte. Don’t really know what’s the novel about beside suicides and orphanage, so it sounds tragic already. I want to see Hanada Keika’s writing outside of Fata Morgana, so I’ll probably check this out. I should be playing visual novels instead of actually reading novels though.

(Update: Hanada Keika is also working on Novel 0, a light novel label published by Kadokawa geared toward men in their thirties set to release on March 15, 2016.)

Also included in this issue is a CD with a demo of Another Episode, the PV movie, full tracks of Requiem for The Innocence and Série de Fragmento, and a wallpaper of the short story.

fatamol01_1024Looks like the short story in this magazine issue is a continuation of a previous issue, which I didn’t purchase. The SS feels a bit more … girly? Ok, Morgana is a young girl growing up, and this story goes deeper into detail of her emotions, so I guess it can’t be helped. Maybe it’s just me, but that’s what I think of it. Still, it’s heartwarming seeing these two together.

Here’s a summary of the SS in this issue, “That was a distant day, a peaceful fragment –Tails Story-”:

Morgana wakes up from a nightmare and finds herself in a room not in the brothel. She notices she’s wearing a white gown and feels warmth on her hand as if someone was holding onto it. As she slowly opens her eyes and looks around, she realizes she must be in ‘that person’s’ room. “You’re awake. How do you feel?” She sees Jacopo who looks like he’s in a bad mood as usual, but she knows he’s worried. She ponders if he had been watching over her, if he stayed by her side the entire night, and if he was the one who held onto her hand. “Why am I here,” she grumbles. She knows she didn’t mean to say it that way, but it came straight out of her mouth like instinct. “Hey, why are you talking like that! Because of your unnecessary diffidence, you nearly fainted in the graveyard. (Guess I missed this part, probably present in the previous issue.) Be grateful I even brought here here. Jeez, you can’t even say a word of thanks, can you.” Morgana says she didn’t ask to be helped. “Damn it, it’s shocking how you’re not cute at all! What happened to ‘you’ just a while ago?” Jacopo yells out. “A while ago?” Morgana questions curiously. “Ah, it’s nothing, don’t worry about it,” Jacopo dismisses. Before Morgana can say anything, Jacopo says he knows she recovered because she regained her sharp tongue. He says she must be hungry since she hasn’t eaten at all and has been sleeping the entire time. As Morgana is in the process of refusing, her stomach growls loudly. Jacopo holds in his laughter and tells her to come over and sit by the window. He’s grinning like a fool, and she thinks he’s a coward.

She begins to realize this ‘feeling’ inside her and is scared of not knowing that feeling and her true emotions. One day, once she understands that feeling, she might be able to call out ‘that name.’ She wonders if she’ll ever be at ease and what will happen once she does. She wonders what will happen to Jacopo, Maria, and Ceren afterwards. “Why did you go quiet all of a sudden,” Jacopo asked. Without answering, Morgana continues thinking about her future. She knows Jacopo is an adult and even if he accompanies her everyday, one day, she may change and he may go somewhere distant in the near future. After that thought, Morgana suddenly asks him, “In four years, how old will you be?” “What’s with that question…? Well, after four years, I’d be 26,” he replies. Morgana thinks that at that age, he can easily find a beautiful girl and raise some kids. Even though she knows that outcome is evident, her field of vision begins to feel distant. “By that time, what will you be doing?” she asks. “You are asking some strange questions. How am I supposed to know what I’ll be doing four years from now, … but even so, I would want to rid of this poverty state I’m in by four years,” answered Jacopo. “I see,” she responded. “Just what are you thinking about?” “…” The room fell silent once again.

Morgana is deep in thought. She hopes for him to wait a year for her, instead of four years. She wants to go somewhere far away, to a wider world, not like in dreams, but for him to bring her into his small hated world. After a year, she will most likely understand her own heart. Surely, they both wouldn’t change and he will also understand his own emotions. Even if she’s a burdensome girl with a hideous face, she wants to wait just one more year. “Morgana? By any chance, are you still not feeling well?” Jacopo asks worryingly. “That may… be it.” “Is that so. In times like this, it’s best to take it easy. Here, I got this fruit from the girl at the tavern,” says Jacopo as he hands her an apple.

It’s not just him being nice to her, everyone in the brothel is too. “You shouldn’t be so nice to me. I don’t have anything to repay you,” Morgana says as she brings the apple close to her mouth. “I thought you already knew you don’t have to offer anything back. You don’t have to be so apologetic about it. I’m just doing something admirable,” said Jacopo and continued, “You could be more kind to me at the gravesite at least. You’re much nicer to dead people, you know.” “Probably,” Morgana responded and said, “Please live longer. I can treat you kindly after some procrastination.” “I don’t want that type of kindness!,” Jacopo exclaims. “Exactly.” “You and your comebacks. Well, I’ll live longer. Not just me. You, Maria, Ceren, the stupid Gratien, every civilian in town.” “…Yeah,” she agrees.

Morgana gaze at his figure. She believes that one day, they will see the same scenery. She gently bites into the apple, the sweet taste fills her mouth. “Let’s live.” With everyone.

That’s it for Fata Morgana no Yakata news. I’m excited for Another Episode soundtrack and volume 5 of the novel. I’m still waiting for more drama CDs after the third volume which I hope they’ll continue to make. It’s refreshing reading the short stories since they are usually always interesting, though it’d be nice if Novectacle made a collection of short stories available in the website or in a book. Besides that, great news for Fata Morgana and I look forward to more.

Oh, and did I mention,





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