[VN Review] Mujou no Erasmus – The Erasmus two-faced stories

capture_021_16102015_015143霧上のエラスムス – The Erasmus two-faced stories
Mujou no Erasmus – The Erasmus two-faced stories

Happy Halloween! What a great time to start off with a spooky thriller game. 

Mujou no Erasmus – The Erasmus two-faced stories is a side game by Novectacle made after Fata Morgana no Yakata. The game was released in May of 2011 and became free to play on Valentine’s Day of 2014. Although Mujou no Erasmus is not related to Fata Morgana no Yakata, just like Seventh Coat, it uses the same characters, but in a different story and setting. It can be played as a separate game, but it’s recommended to play Fata Morgana before Erasmus, same goes with all the other side games. There are two sides of the story, the first with Mell as the protagonist, the second with Michel. Read More »


[VN Review] Seventh Coat

Seventh Coat

Seventh Coat is a free side game by Novectacle released on April Fools’ Day of 2013.

Dark†Knight (nickname), who’s ridiculed and frowned by society, is a game creator, particularly free indie games. One day, a young girl who’s a fan of his work sends him an ardent e-mail. At the age of 27, living on the brink of society, his life changes once he meets that bright young girl, and as she expresses her feelings about his games, he begins to give birth to a new game in the year 2013.Read More »

[VN Review] Fata Morgana no Yakata -Another Episodes-


ファタモルガーナの館 -Another Episodes-
The house in Fata Morgana -Another Episodes-

Fata Morgana no Yakata -Another Episodes- is a fandisc (FD) to the original highly praised doujin game, Fata Morgana no Yakata by Novectacle. Another Episodes includes the main episode, The House in Fata Morgana -Requiem for The Innocence-, and sub stories such as Assento dele -His Dark Chair-, The Destroyed Story, and After Happy End. Since this is a fandisc, there are a few common spoilers, so proceed at your own risk.Read More »

[VN Review] Fata Morgana no Yakata

The house in Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana no Yakata is a PC doujin (amateur) VN (visual novel) by the circle Novectacle, released in 2012. At first glance, it has Western style art with a horror gothic-like setting. This game does not have your usual type of characters you see in some VNs, and do expect some gore and a great deal of tragic scenes.Read More »